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Moderating a panel for the New Voices Literary Festival with writers Gina Chung, Julia May Jonas, Sanaë Lemoine, and Vanessa A. Bee. Photo Credit: Nina Singh.

You might be thinking...what is dramaturgy? For me, it's the practice of diving into new art (be it plays, screenplays or audio stories) and providing a compassionate, grounded perspective on the work for the artists and/or the audience. This can look like anything from an intentional conversation with a writer the second they have an idea, to supporting a full production process, to interviewing artists about completed work on a press tour. You'll find an outline of my dramaturgical skillset below.

Resume available upon request.

New Work Development

looking for a thoughtful, fresh perspective on your script? email me!


research | copy editing | fact-checking | transcription (Trint, Descript)
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Script Coverage

samples available upon request.

Festivals & Public Work

interview / panel / Q&A moderation | chat moderation for virtual events
With playwright (Your Own Personal Exegesis) and novelist (Vladimir) Julia May Jonas at the New Voices Festival.

2023 - Assistant Director / Dramaturg

2021 - Co-Dramaturg

The Virtuous Fall of the Girls from Our Lady of Sorrows by Gina Femia

Other past playwrights include Clare Barron, Sarah DeLappe, Heidi Schreck and Amy Herzog.
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Logo for the 2022 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.

2022 - Assistant to the Producers
Read about my work in this announcement here.

2021 - Blog Intern
Read about my work in this article here.

Let’s Talk!

Email or shoot me a message on one of the platforms below to start working on your project!

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