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That's me staring off a cliff in Lagos, Portugal.

Photo by Ethan Adrian Barker,

About Me

With an education in storytelling and an eye for detail, I produce projects for artists and organizations I believe in.

Me as a kid, rocking purple. (Go Ravens).

As an audio producer, I'm currently working with duotone audio group and the *IN SYNC podcast. I've supported podcast and broadcast productions at American Public Media, Gotham West Studios and SiriusXM, and won a few collegiate awards from SPJ, CBI and NYSBA. As a dramaturg, I've produced and moderated events for The New Voices Literary Festival and The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, and assisted the editorial team of The Theatre Times. I'm also making things with my partner in life and art, Will DeVary, over at BURN1 production collective.


I graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2023 with a BA in Culture and Communication with minors in Spanish and English. Translation: I studied stories across literature, screen media and theater in two languages. That said, I spent enough time doing college radio that I should really have another degree in WICB. In the Spring of 2022, I lived and took class entirely in Spanish for four months in Seville, Spain.

My passion is collaborating with creative people to make their visions a reality. If you may be interested in working together, do reach out!

I am who I am because my parents read and sang to me every night as a kid before bedtime.

Also in Lagos, Portugal, I took this one.

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