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Audio Production

Photo by my best friend Anna Connors @annaconnorsphoto.

As a versatile producer with experience in podcast, broadcast and post-production audio, I have an eye for detail and an obsession with story structure. Currently, I am the production coordinator for duotone audio group and produce the *IN SYNC podcast for Gotham West Studios. I'm also developing indie projects with BURN1 production collective. If you're interested in future collaborations, do reach out! My contact info is below.

Resume available upon request.


In the podcast space, I learned the ropes on a national level during a 6 month internship with American Public Media. I've worked on everything from concept development to daily production to research, writing and fact-checking for narrative work. I tend to hang around arts & culture, educational and deeply personal shows, but love diving into anything that expands my mind. Click through the slide deck to see what I've worked on, and take a listen!


From four years of college radio and two internships with SiriusXM, I have experience producing live talk shows, programming music (Zetta, Music Master, G-Selector), designing and editing imaging, and operating an audio board. Take a listen to selections from my portfolio.

SiriusXM, Volume

Long form interview with Julian Lennon

SiriusXM, Faction Talk

30 second promos for Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk

WICB 91.7 FM, The Hobo's Lullaby 

30 second promo for The Hobo's Lullaby on 92 WICB

won New York State Broadcaster Association award for Best Promotional Announcement in 2022.

WICB 91.7 FM, The Rabbit Hole

Full slate of imaging for The Rabbit Hole on 92 WICB

Let’s Talk!

Email or shoot me a message on one of the platforms below!

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