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Audio Production

Photo by my best friend Anna Connors @annaconnorsphoto.

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After four years of college radio and two internships with SiriusXM, I'm a versatile audio producer with experience that ranges from cutting tape (Audition, Pro Tools, Descript) to music programming (Zetta, Music Master, G-Selector) to research, fact-checking, guest booking and project management. Currently, I am the full-time audio production and development intern with APM Studios. If you think my skills are a fit for your job opening or project, do reach out! I'll be available for full-time or contract work in December of 2023.


Check out these cool shows I've worked on! Click on a logo to listen and learn more.


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As WICB Production Director, I had the unique opportunity to produce the imaging for a brand new specialty show from scratch. I consulted with the host of the show to script, design and edit a full slate of production for The Rabbit Hole.


Legal IDs


On-Air Promos

Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk

I selected content, edited dialogue, and mixed promos for Trunk Nation into 30-second shells for air on SiriusXM.

The Hobo's Lullaby

This promo that I co-scripted, produced and edited for WICB won an award for Best Promotional Announcement from the NYSBA.

Concert Connection

For WICB, I produced a weekly spot connecting our listeners to local concerts that night or weekend. I designed and continuously updated a concert tracking spreadsheet, managed a concert-specific inbox and built a production shell to keep the workflow sustainable. I scripted, voiced, produced and edited it to air every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Narrative Odds and Ends

For SiriusXM's Volume channel, I cut this interview with Julian Lennon (promoting his new album and discussing his dad's legacy) from about 24 minutes to a smooth 10:30.

For a final project in my Spanish class, I scripted, voiced, edited and sound designed a fragment of a longer essay about the feminist politics of two feature films. Read the full essay here.

When my Your Wednesday Matinee co-host couldn't make it (for reasons revealed below) to our podcast recording, I scripted, edited, and sound designed this short episode myself.

Let’s Talk!

Email or shoot me a message on one of the platforms below to start working on your project!

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